Bubble food is a london based independent lgbtq+ catering and event company – we are committed to responsible sourcing, waste reduction, energy efficiency, sustainable packaging, water conservation, community support, education, compliance, and transparency to create a more sustainable future. We are in the process of obtaining iso 14001 accreditation. We recognise the critical importance of preserving  our environment and ensuring the well-being of future generations.


To this end, we have made the following TEN commitments on sustainability:


We have undertaken several steps over the past years to significantly reduce the amount of waste produce, with a target zero waste to landfill by the end of 2024. Currently, we recycle all of our waste. This includes basic sorting and bagging of different waste types and using specialist food waste disposal to ensure all possible compostable waste is included. This compostable waste goes to growers/food suppliers who use this service to grow produce for Bubble ingredients, thereby providing a circular sustainability regime. Where necessary at large events, we have a dedicated onsite waste manager to oversee the collection and separation of waste – plastics/cardboard/food and general waste. We recently changed our main waste disposal subcontractor to move to one that is far more committed to sustainability and uses best practice for all types of waste management. ‘Impact 2023’ is the policy Veolia uses to drive the net-zero carbon target. Where appropriate at venues outside London, we use local branches of Viola to dispose of all event waste and report accordingly. We remove all rubbish off site for sorting, recycling or composting. We have contracts with a waste oil company who collect and recycle old oil for other uses and recycle waste food into biofuel.


While we are continually learning and evolving, we are already pioneering an approach to luxury events that upholds environmental responsibility. Our food and drink are created around sustainably produced ingredients of exceptional quality. We use top-quality seasonal vegetables, heritage meats and sustainable seafood. With a diverse range of luxurious plant-based options, we find that clients are now choosing 100% meat-free menus for their events. We think of our well sourced British suppliers as an extension of the team. Their support and shared commitment to excellence help us to exceed expectations and consistently push the boundaries of sustainable catering. If the choice is beef or lamb, then it’s likely from Lake District Farmers’ lovingly reared small herds. Chickens and eggs are always free-range and we’ve been championing small producers such as ChalkStream Trout on our menus for many years. We avoid single use service ware, but if essential is 100% biodegradable. All products are alternative to plastic where possible. We will seek eco-friendly packaging solutions, such as biodegradable or recyclable materials, to reduce the environmental impact of our products.


We will implement water-saving practices in our kitchens, aiming to reduce water consumption and minimise water waste. This includes new dishwasher and washing machine upgrades. Staff are educated not leave water running. We filter our own ‘Bubble’ water for events and tastings and use reusable glass bottles that offer a sustainable solution, reducing single-use plastic waste, lowering carbon footprint, and supporting a circular economy while providing high-quality, ecofriendly drinking water. We are committed to a donation of £1 per bottle to


We repurpose ingredients where possible and have developed menus which use these repurposed ingredients. Our Executive Head Chef is happy to expand these and work with our clients to advise on a chosen menu and how it can be repurposed. Within the creative department we use many ways to repurpose the props we use; if we are providing table centres at an event, we are working towards using more potted plants rather than cut flowers. Potted plants can be used repeatedlyat events and when coming towards the end of their usage, they are given to guests or staff to take away and plant in their gardens. We have a dedicated potting area within our premises that is used solely for the care of our plants. We are creating our own compost using old cut flowers and wasted vegetable peelings. Food station equipment is constantly being repainted and reused. Online platforms are used for buying and selling up cycled props and canape decking. Someone’s trash is often someone’s treasure and it results in items being repurposed many times.


We are dedicated to creating a diverse and inclusive workforce, ensuring the well-being of all employees. We have implemented a modern-day Diversity, Equality & Inclusion policy and are actively working towards Equality Impact Assessments where applicable to monitor new policies and policy changes. We always prioritise the development and engagement of our people, providing ongoing training and collaborative team meetings. Ensuring the safety and efficiency of our staff is paramount, and we have established a facility that minimises risk to employees, ensuring all staff are equipped to do their jobs in a safe and efficient manner. We recognise the importance of employee welfare and maintain a very supportive environment for family and personal commitments. Teamwork is a Bubble core value, and we regularly organise team-building activities and social events to foster cohesion. We uphold ethical labour practices, including a modern slavery policy, a whistle blowing policy and ensure all staff are paid the London Living Wage.


We will actively engage with and support the communities. Our partnership with a social enterprise charity, enables us to provide life-changing opportunities to individuals in need of support and inspiration to rebuild their lives. Through their restaurant called we employ their chefs in training for selected events, mentoring apprentice chefs. We regularly support providing music and light therapy to disabled children and adults plus the local after school club which supports low-income families by offering free or reduced cost childcare. We also support and promote at least one national charity per year by providing catering either at minimal or zero cost. We are working in partnership with a local college providing on site demonstrations and work experience opportunities for catering students. We collaborate and support local farmers, artisans, and businesses to strengthen the local economy and promote sustainable practices.


We will continually strive to reduce our energy consumption and greenhouse gas emissions. This includes using energy-efficient appliances, optimising our transportation methods, and exploring renewable energy options for our facilities. All staff are encouraged to switch off lights and equipment when not in use. We are moving away from light switches to sensors, florescent bulbs to LED energy efficient bulbs, we are insulating walls and ceilings as we renovate and redesign our unit this involves and monitoring our energy consumption – the table below highlights consumption and reductions. Significant investment has been made in our commercial kitchens to equip them with modern, energy efficient technology. Our partnership with a renewable energy company further underlines our commitment to eco-friendly practices. We currently offer 100% electric transportation on small events and are in the process of upgrading our fleet to Euro V1. Our employees are encouraged to use public transport and we offer the cycle to work scheme.

 Gas (KWH)  0.136 %  0.114 % DOWN
 Electricity (KWH)  0.352% 0.340 % DOWN
 Waste (KG)  0.197 %  0.174 % DOWN
 Water  0.093 % 0.079 % DOWN

Gas is down due to the upgrade of equipment. Electricity is down, but we aim to do more and are in the process of upgrading out lighting and PIR switches. Waste is down and continuing to fall to the introduction of more rigid inhouse recycling policy and new food waste contracts. Water consumption down due to investment in a large economical dishwater.


We will strictly adhere to all relevant environmental laws and regulations. We will also work with GREENLY to measure, reduce and offset our carbon footprint and ISLA to advocate for stronger sustainability standards within our industry. We will regularly assess our sustainability performance and set measurable goals to reduce our environmental impact further. We will invest and seek innovative solutions and technologies to enhance our sustainability efforts.


We will educate employees, suppliers, and customers about the importance of sustainability. Clear and open communication with our clients regarding guest numbers and preferences during the planning process is vital to reducing wastage. A significant portion of 24% of food wasted in event catering is from guests’ plates, making it crucial to explore ways to further minimise waste. Clients can consider, carefully assess exact quantities for self-service buffets. Reduce portion sizes and explore menu alternatives minimise ingredients and firm up on dietary requirements. Select locally sourced wines, spirits and beers, zero-waste menus, plant- based options and electric only events. For one example, our partnership with Waitrose resulted in a successful fully plant-based first course, with a zero-waste menu. Additionally, for the BBC Earth Shot event, we embraced a full vegan menu. Our ‘low waste and low miles’ menu for seated dinners -Bubble will donate £5.00 per guest who is served this menu at the client’s event. By selecting this menu, we are happy to produce a lower carbon generated menu but also give back to the environment by contributing to a worthy cause at


We will openly communicate our sustainability initiatives on our website and in all social media channels,marketing, in our quotes and to all full-time and casual employees, our In-House Environmental Team chaired by our MD/Founder including members from each department, Finance, Kitchen, Operations and Sales, which takes place quarterly with strong actions and objectives. We recognise that sustainability is an ongoing journey, and we are committed to constantly evolving and improving our commitments. Bubble Food aims to lead by example and contribute positively to a more sustainable and environmentally conscious future.