Whether adding a sweet finish to a canapé reception, treating guests to afternoon tea, or opting for a luxurious dessert after dinner, Bubble’s irresistible chocolate creations are highly popular all year round.

Canapés include Szechuan chilli chocolate mini bars, Sherry trifles in chocolate cups, Chocolate tulips with elderflower mousse and Bubble’s infamous Space truffles.

Cakes include Dark chocolate brownies with cherry and popping candy, Chocolate macaroons with raspberry buttercream and Dark chocolate gateau with Kirsch, sour cherries and crème fraiche foam.

Desserts include Chocolate bubble with salt toffee mousse and pomegranate on coconut pearls with hot yoghurt sauce, Lemongrass, ginger and kaffir lime leaf infused chocolate tart and Scandinavian iced berries with hot white chocolate sauce.