In an industry where reputation is key, Bubble is very proud of the amazing client feedback we regularly receive.  Here are a few recent examples:

“Great working with you – your team did an amazing job yesterday in London’s Living Room and the Speaker Green Room – keeping everyone well fed and happy.  Your team were all really professional and many guests commented on the standard of food and drink – which for an international professional, leaders audience is high praise indeed. The decorations looked great. The organisation back of house was really robust. The manager was really responsive.  The summit was really well received (by partners, sponsors, and internal senior management), thanks for helping to make it all possible.”
Sarah Barrow, Events for London, City Hall (GLA)

“A huge thanks to you for all you did for us, and to the whole team who worked on the event; it was a roaring success. There have been lots of great comments coming in already on the food and we’ll make sure we share these with you.”
Isobel C Smith, National Theatre

“Well, I think it was a great success and I want to thank you and your team for making it so!  From my point of view, it makes a huge difference when there is a seasoned manager, such as yourself, running the room and a majority of staff who are not agency staff.  No one standing around looking “what do we do next”?  This was the feedback message from the other key stakeholder:  “Thank you for a lovely evening. It was the best Hospitality I have ever had and that’s the honest truth!”
Margaret Campbell, Royal Borough of Kensington and Chelsea