The Science Museum has launched a new add-on for corporate events to coincide with the opening of its big blockbuster exhibition Cosmonauts this month.

The venue, renowned for inspiring and innovative events, is offering an exclusive private viewing of the new exhibition after 6pm, followed by dinner or drinks in one of the museum’s exciting gallery spaces.

Clients can choose to keep the space theme running throughout their event by holding an evening dinner or drinks reception in Exploring Space. The atmospheric gallery contains a fascinating collection of rockets, satellites, space probes and landers and can accommodate 300 guests for a reception and 180 for a dinner.

Bubble is offering a stunning range of interstellar menus complete with lunar inspired styling (pictured) to tie in with the exhibition. Canapes include Footprints on the Moon – Crab doughnuts, lobster dust footprint, Water in Space – Plum and shisu bubble, and Planetary Atmosphere – Chawan mushi, lobster, asparagus, dashi disk, smoke, served as a mini planet surface. Followed by dessert canapes such as Ponchiki – Russian doughnuts, cinnamon sugar and White Russian – Milk foam and coffee liqueur ravioli, and Another World – pistachio and green tea parfait, sesame, yuzu, served in its own environment. Contact Bubble to discuss your requirements.