Planning a party can be daunting but Bubble’s event experts are on hand to ensure that every celebration is a success! Bubble provides a comprehensive event project management and production service, but for those who prefer to orchestrate all the elements themselves, here are a few of our top tips:

1. WHY are you organising the event? Set SMART objectives that deliver your desired outcomes and, post event, enable you to evaluate the event’s success.

2. WHAT format will your event take? Will your event be intimate and boutique, edgy and innovative or lavish and spectacular? Is there an overarching concept or theme?

3. HOW will you plan your event? Break down your planning activity into three areas: content, logistics and marketing. Include deadlines for each task and prepare contingency plans.

4. WHERE will your event take place? Venue is usually the biggest cost, so carefully assess suitability in terms of the location, style, accessibility, hidden costs and building restrictions.

5. WHO will create the event? Select suppliers who listen carefully to you, offer flexible and competitively priced options and will deliver as agreed. Food and drink tend to be the key focus for guests.