Pokemon at cutty sark


What a delight to work with this iconic company at Cutty Sark, an iconic venue for canapes, bowl food, food stations and cocktails for 380 guests.

This was a well-deserved party to celebrate the Pokemon word championships, so we really went to town with our creative director who designed and created themed canape decking and food stations, using characters, Pokemon balls, game boy controllers, whatever we could find from Pokemon!

We offered a CHARMANDER’S BBQ STATION where our chefs carved meats served on fresh bamboo leaves to the guests, a MIENSHAO’S BAO STATIONwith steamed bao sandwiches stuffed with grilled meats and vegetables in delicious marinades and giant baskets and a TROPIUS fruit conveyor presided over by Tropius of course. This conveyor belt station featured realistic ‘tropical fruits’ made from white chocolate and fruit purees, with dessert canapes served on a cotton wool cloud.