Good environmental stewardship has long been at the heart of our work, but we realize that it is time to commit to more serious change. Taking responsibility for the footprint of our supply chain, processes and transportation is only the first step towards minimizing its effects.

Bubble’s goal is to measure the environmental impact of our operations, so our clients can make informed and meaningful decisions about the nature of their events. We are partnered with a range of organisations to get that data and most importantly, to share the knowledge within the events world.

Whilst we are all constantly learning, Bubble is already helping to create an approach to luxury events that doesn’t harm our planet.

Our Commitment

Bubble is proactively leading change in the events industry through our ISLA partnership, monitoring and reporting our footprint to help shape future best practice.

As a member of the Sustainable Event Alliance, we are committed to harnessing opportunities to advance and promote sustainable  development  through  our events.

We  have  invested  significant  CAPEX to ensure our commercial kitchen has modern, energy efficient equipment and will partner with an energy company who focus on use of renewable energy.

We are currently in the process of obtaining ISO 14001 accreditation.

We will reduce our carbon impact as a business by a measurable 10% each year.

We are committed to constantly improving all procedures, working with our suppliers, partners and clients to reach zero to landfill waste practices.

Giving Back

Our  partnership  with  social  enterprise restaurant, Brigade, enables us to work on selected events with their team of apprentice chefs (who have been affected by homelessness).

We support various national charities on a regular basis and annually support at least one charitable event by delivering the event catering at minimal or no cost.

We are working in partnership with a local college providing on site demonstrations and work experience for the catering students.

During COVID 19 our team produced, packed and delivered 400 meals daily to a local church to support the vulnerable.

We support our local community by producing  a Christmas lunch event for over 350 elderly people on Christmas Day.



Bubble is 100% committed to creating a diverse and inclusive equal workforce and ensuring the well-being of all employees.

We prioritise the development and engagement of our people and provide ongoing training and collaborative team meetings.

We have developed a facility that minimizes risk to employees and ensure all staff are equipped to do their jobs in a safe and efficient manner.

We and recognise the importance of employee welfare and have a supportive environment for family and personal commitments.

We foster teamwork and regularly organise team-building activities and social events.

We adopt ethical labour practices, we have a modern slavery policy, a whistle blowing policy and all staff are paid above the London  Living Wage.


How Can Clients Help?

Clear communication with our clients about numbers and preferences during the planning process is the key to reducing wastage.

34% of food wasted in event catering is from guests’ plates so talk to us about how these simple steps can reduce waste event further:

Carefully consider quantities on self-service buffets.

Reduce portion sizes or switch to alternative menus  to reduce ingredients, firm up on dietary requirements.

Select locally sourced wines, spirits and beers, zero waste menus, plant- based options and electric-only events.

We recently partnered with Waitrose and worked together to create a fully plant based first course, with a zero waste menu, which was a huge success.

For the BBC Earth Shot event,  our clients requested a fully vegan menu, British wines, non airfreighted ingredients and suppliers to arrive by public transport.