Tower of London

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Globally renowned as a potent symbol of the might and power of London, the Tower of London has served the monarch for nearly 1,000 years. Anchored on the shore of the Thames, overlooking Tower Bridge and the futuristic skyline of modern day London, the fortress has repelled invasion and protected the kingdom while securing its precious treasures and high-profile prisoners within.

The Tower of London plays host to glittering events with guests invited to marvel at the world famous Crown Jewels, meet the colourful Yeoman Warders and view the Tower’s remarkable ravens. Set against the breathtaking backdrop of this historic castle, with its centuries of famous stories, events at the Tower of London are truly extraordinary, whether held in the stunning Jewel House, the Wakefield Tower with its quaint chapel, the versatile New Armories, the iconic White Tower, or the dramatic Wall Walk with its panoramic views.