Science Museum

750400Yes West London

Bubble Food is an approved supplier at prestigious Science Museum in South Kensington.

Inside the Museum

For over a century, the Science Museum has brought the unbelievable to your field of vision.  The ability to view historical objects that have shaped our world, alongside cutting-edge technology.  Furthermore, the Science Museum opens up the world of contemporary science news and debate, creating an accessible platform for its audience.

The Science Museum holds the potential for every kind of event, your businesses' roots are somewhere in that building, and the team can help you find them!

Perfect for events, the venue boasts a range of inventive and interactive galleries, as diverse in size as subject matter including a 700sqm blank-canvas space, a 414-seat IMAX Theatre.  In order to wow your Guests, the IMAX screen stands at the height of four double-decker buses.

From 750 for a standing reception in Making the Modern World 200 guests can dine in the interactive gallery Wonderlab; this venue will capture your Guests' imagination in ways that you could never predict.

In 2018, the team announced the launch of a new space, Illuminate, which will open in January 2019.

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